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About Us: Weather Forecasts


The Weather Network and MétéoMédia have a team of more than 40 meteorologists that update its forecasts more often than any other media source in the country. These experts work around the clock with some of the most advanced forecasting systems in the world to allow The Weather Network and MétéoMédia to create the most accurate and reliable forecasts available.

  • Weather Forecast ModelIn-house technology called the PFE (Pelmorex Forecast Engine) allows meteorologists to issue weather forecasts for the entire country down to a 10 square kilometre grid making it one of the most advanced forecasting systems in the world.

  • Using patented, in-house developed PMX technology, the networks can simultaneously deliver local weather forecasts to over 1,200 communities across Canada. No other Canadian broadcast service, specialty or conventional, has this capability.

  • A state-of-the-art weather presentation system known as Metacast brings viewers a superior level of accuracy and precision for weather broadcasts through high resolution animated graphics.

  • The Weather Network/MétéoMédia Lightning Detection Network pinpoints lightning strikes across Canada. Forty sensors are positioned throughout the country and use sophisticated electronics and GPS technology to detect radio waves generated by lightning activity, locating 90-95% of all cloud to ground lightning strikes within 250 metres of the strike location.

  • The Weather Network/MétéoMédia meteorologists will be part of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games weather forecast team.

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