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The websites, and, are among Canada’s leading web services. Using the sites allows Canadians to access:

  • The most up-to-date forecast information for more than 5,000 cities in Canada, the US and around the world, as well as detailed radar and satellite maps.

  • Road and highway conditions on interactive maps using Microsoft Virtual Earth, road construction, traffic cameras as well as traffic flow.

  • Comprehensive golf reports for more than 17,000 courses, conditions for over 900 ski and snowboard resorts, viewer submitted videos and photos, video-on-demand, plus seasonal forecasts and more…

  • theweathernetwork.com7 free customized email services delivered directly to subscribers:
    • SchoolDayDirect: To help dress children for the weather.

    • WarningsDirect: Weather alerts when severe weather is forecasted.

    • WeatherDirect: Daily forecasts to help Canadians plan their day with information for thousands of local and international cities.

    • BugsDirect: Bug forecasts to plan outdoor activities in the summer.

    • PollenDirect: Helps keep allergy sufferers informed of pollen concentrations.

    • MarineDirect: Tips for safe boating before setting sail.

    • FluDirect: Flu activity reports.
  • and are the top weather websites in Canada, with an average of 5.2 million and 2 million unique visitors per month respectively and is consistently ranked as the top news and information site in the country.1

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