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Airport Forecast: Before You Go - Packing Your Checked Baggage

Before You Go - Packing Your Checked Baggage

Tips on packing your checked baggage

Certain items are not permitted aboard an aircraft, whether it is placed in your carry-on or your checked baggage.

  • Your checked baggage may be subject to a physical search. Please pack your baggage efficiently and place personal items (i.e. toothbrush) in clear plastic bags.
  • Batteries for personal use are not permitted in checked baggage these should be packed and individually protected in carry-on bags and are subject to limits.
  • Flammable items including chemicals, flammable liquids and lighters are not allowed in checked baggage. A lighter is permitted in carry-on luggage (one per person maximum).
  • Do not lock your bags. All baggage must be accessible for inspection.
  • Do not wrap gifts. Their contents may need to be inspected.

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