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Airport Forecast: Before You Go - Departure Tips

Before You Go - Departure Tips


  • For flights within Canada, check in at least 90 minutes prior to departure
  • For flights to the U.S. and the Caribbean, check in a minimum of 2 hours prior to departure
  • For international flights beyond the U.S. and the Caribbean (for example destinations in Europe, Asia, South America), check in a minimum of 3 hours prior to departure
  • Passenger volume increases significantly during the winter holiday season, March break and the summer. Please allow extra time for parking, check-in, security screening and luggage retrieval during these periods.

Canadian Destinations

Passengers travelling within Canada should carry photo identification to verify themselves as the traveller named on the ticket.

International and United States Destinations

Canadian residents of all ages travelling outside of Canada (including to the U.S.), must carry a valid passport or other valid travel document (such as a Nexus card).

International Customs Information

Canadian residents and non-residents travelling outside of Canada should check the customs regulations of the country of destination by contacting the appropriate government department or embassy.

When arriving in another country, be prepared to give your destination information such as the address and phone number of your hotel or family with whom you are visiting.


Hand Baggage - Hand baggage must fit safely under aircraft seats, or in overhead bins. The acceptable size is determined by the type of aircraft so please check with your air carrier or travel agent.

Garment Bags - May be carried on board some aircraft but must be soft sided and no larger than: length 112.5 cm (45 inches), depth 11.25 cm (4.5 inches).

Checked Baggage - Although there are exceptions, most economy-class flights originating in Canada now include an allowance of only one checked bag, with a maximum weight of 23 kg (50 lbs). Additional bags can usually be checked for an additional fee. Contact your air carrier or travel agent when purchasing your ticket.

Please note: For more information about ticket reservations, baggage handling and special needs traveller assistance, please contact your air carrier or your travel agent.

Dressing for Travel

Wear shoes that can be removed easily as you may be required to do so for screening.

Be aware that metal items on your person may trigger metal detector alarms (i.e. belt, buttons, body piercing, and steel toe shoes) and may require further screening.

Pack your jacket in your carry-on baggage or remove it and place it in a tray for screening.

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