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Mobile: FAQs for Mobile Web

FAQs for Mobile Web


FAQs for Mobile Web


  1. What is Mobile Web?

    Is also know as "WAP 2.0" or "Wireless Web/Internet". Mobile web brings you the information in a quick, easy-to-view design that's specially modified for your mobile phone - no matter which operator you use.

  2. What content can I get on my mobile phone?

    The Weather Network Mobile site provides you with weather and warnings information for Canadian cities and worldwide cities to help you plan your trip. Click here to preview Mobile Web.

  3. How do I bookmark on my phone?

    Bookmarking saves your favorite sites so that you can find them again later. When using the mobile web site you can select "bookmark," "Add bookmark" or "favorites" options from your phone menu.

    In future, simply select The Weather Network link from your "Bookmarks / Favorites" menu to connect to The Weather Network Mobile. For further help with bookmarking, consult your mobile's user manual.

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  5. Can I access The Weather network mobile web from anywhere?

    Access is limited to the coverage area of your telecom provider. Consult your provider on coverage map for limitations on service.

  6. How much does it cost to look at The Weather Network content on my phone?

    The Weather Network does not charge for its mobile content. However, your operator's charges for using the internet on your phone will apply. Costs vary from operator to operator. Operators may charge for time spent browsing or amount of data downloaded. Consult your operator to find out their specific charges.

  7. What internet address do I type into my mobile to get The Weather network content?

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