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Mobile: FAQs for The Weather Network App for Windows 8



  1. How do I get the latest Weather Network App for Windows 8?

    You can install The Weather Network App for Windows 8 for the first time directly from the Microsoft Store. After you have installed The Weather Network App the latest version will be pushed as an update through the Store.

  2. How do I add a location?
    • Using the app for the first time, you will be presented with the Add Location screen where you can search by city name or by entering a Canadian POSTAL Code or US ZIP Code. Tap/click to choose the location and select Add.
    • Searching for locations

    • If you have been using the app and want to add more locations, from the forecast page select the arrow icon to the right of the location name and tap/click Add. To enter the content section from the location manager simply tap/click on one of the locations.
  3. How do I find US or International cities?

    You can search for US and International cities the same way you would search for Canadian cities. You can enter a location name.

  4. How to I pin a Live tile?

    Swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen or right click using your mouse. This will activate the lower menu bar. Select the "Pin it" icon from the right side of the menu. A pop up will appear where you can apply a custom name to the tile. Tap/click "Pin to Start". You can customize the location of each Live tile on the Windows 8 start menu, simply tap/click and drag the Live tile to the desired location.

  5. The application keeps crashing, what can I do?

    If The Weather Network App for Windows 8 is not running smoothly or keeps crashing, you can refresh the data by swiping upwards from the bottom of the screen or you can right click to activate the menu. Select refresh. Alternatively try exiting the application. To uninstall, first exit the application then from the Windows 8 interface tap and pull down or right click on the live tile. This will activate the lower menu where you can select uninstall. To reinstall, go to the Windows Store and download The Weather Network App again.

  6. How do I change from Metric to Imperial? Or from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

    To change from Metric to Imperial or Celsius to Fahrenheit, swipe/click to activate the menu on the right side of the app. Select the Settings icon to open the full menu. Chose Settings and adjust according to your preference Metric or Imperial or Celsius or Fahrenheit. Tap/click on the arrow to go back to the settings menu or simply tap/click outside the box to close it.

  7. How do I find the Hourly, Short Term and Long Term forecasts?

    For all locations you can access the Short Term, Long Term, 14 Day Trend and Hourly forecasts by tapping/clicking the icons to the right of the Current Condition..

  8. How do I use the interactive Chart?

    The interactive chart page is available in the 14 Day Trend. Tap or click on each day to see a detailed forecast including expected condition, minimum and maximum temperature, probability of precipitation, rain and snow accumulation, wind speed and direction.

  9. Where can I find air quality data?

    Air Quality data is displayed in the Current Condition pane. For more detail tap/click on the icon to access the detailed report. To return to the forecast page tap/click on the arrow or anywhere outside the report page.

  10. Where can I find pollen information?

    Pollen is a seasonal product with data available from mid-February in BC; data becomes available across Canada throughout the spring. Local pollen data is available from city forecast pages and sits below the Current Condition. Access the detailed report by tapping/clicking on the icon. To return to the forecast page tap/click on the arrow or anywhere outside the report page. The Pollen Report displays the highest reported pollen first followed by less active pollen and inactive pollen listed last.

  11. Where can I find the weather news stories?

    Weather News Stories can be accessed from the forecast page of all locations by swiping/scrolling to the right. Tap/click on the story you wish to read. Once you have read the article, tap/click on the arrow or anywhere outside the article to return to all of the news stories.

  12. What do the different coloured lightning bolts mean?

    The lightning bolt icons display when active weather is happening in that location. The live tile will show a white lightning bolt in a red box for all warnings. Once inside the app there are three different types of active weather alerts:

    • A white lightning bolt in a red box indicates that an Environment Canada alert including weather watches and/or warnings have been issued for that area.
    • A white lightning bolt in a black box indicates that Storm Watch is in effect for that area including special coverage of the active weather event.
    • A blue lightning bolt in a yellow box indicates active weather is occurring or will occur in that area. These events are serious but may not include an Environment Canada warning or Storm Watch coverage.
  13. Security and Privacy
    • The Weather Network App for Windows 8 is not spyware or malware or adware.
    • We do not download any "unwanted extras" to your device
    • The weather information comes directly from The Weather Network servers located in our head offices at Oakville ON and Montreal QC.
    • The secure and safe operation of your Application is of utmost importance to us; please let us know if you are unsatisfied with your service in any way. Contact Us
    • For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy
  14. Demographic Information

    Providing your demographic information is optional. By doing so you help us better understand our users allowing us to improve our products and services according to our audience demographics. This information is for internal purposes only. You can opt out in the Permissions of the Settings menu.

  15. Advertising

    In order to provide free applications we do sell advertising on The Weather Network App for Windows 8 to National, local and community based organizations. Our advertising materials have to meet standards set by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB Canada) and we try to ensure that the advertising you receive is of value. If you have any concerns about a message you have seen, please contact us.

  16. How do I uninstall The Weather Network App for Window 8?

    We are sorry if we have not met your expectations. To uninstall, exit the application. From the Windows 8 start menu tap and pull down or right click on the live tile icon. This will activate the lower menu where you can select uninstall.

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