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Albertans search for pets lost during floods

June 24, 2013 — Pet owners are appealing to Twitter and Facebook to look for their furry friends.

Countless pets have become separated from their owners this past week as record-breaking floods have virtually shut down parts of Alberta.

A Twitter feed called @YYClostdog has been set up to help Calgarians get their missing pets back.

On Facebook, locals can use Calgary Flood Lost/Found Pets & Fostering to post images of lost and found pets.

The pages are filled with heart-wrenching appeals -- among them the story of Murphy and Stella, two samoyeds that were reportedly stolen in Calgary over the weekend.

Images of the missing dogs have been shared more than 400 times, prompting the hashtag #yycpets to start trending in Canada.

Pet rescue efforts continue in High River

RCMP officials have teamed up with with High River Municipal Enforcement and local pet rescue agencies to streamline the retrieval of lost pets.

"Thus far, many pets have been rescued," the RCMP said in a statement.

"Areas that have been checked previously will be re-entered if necessary to retrieve animals."

People interested in being re-united with missing animals are encouraged to call the Pet Call Centre at 403.603.0263 or text 403.880.4842.

Evacuations at the Calgary Zoo

Cats and dogs aren't the only animals that have been affected.

On Thursday, officials ordered an evacuation of the Calgary Zoo as the city closed the two bridges leading to St. George’s Island.

According to the zoo, a peacock, tilapia and piranha did not survive.

“Animal care staff sadly confirmed that in spite of their best efforts to corral our free-roaming peacocks on Thursday night, at least one bird has not survived the flood," the zoo wrote on its Facebook page.

"While trying to round them up, some birds flew up to rooftops and trees and simply couldn’t be corralled. A necropsy will be performed to confirm the bird’s cause of death.”

The tilapia, located in the zoo's hippo pool, and piranha in a South America exhibit died after a power outage turned off their water quality and temperature regulator.

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