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Earth Action Week: NanoLight

Staff writers
March 22, 2013 — Three University of Toronto alumni have come up with what they say is the world's most energy efficient light bulb yet, the NanoLight.

The NanoLight lasts 30, 000 hours, the equivalent to 20 years.
The NanoLight lasts 30, 000 hours, the equivalent to 20 years.

The idea came as a vision to create a better world through conservation.

"The NanoLight comes in two versions," says Gimmy Chu with the NanoLight team. "The brightest version gives off the same light as a 100 watt light, but incandescent only uses 12 watts of electricity. We also have a 75 watt replacement light that uses 10 watts of electricity," says Chu. 

In addition to using such minimal electricity, the NanoLight lasts 30, 000 hours, the equivalent to 20 years.

"The bulb itself is made out of printer circuit board material with all of the circuitry built into the circuit board," says Chu. "The board is then folded into the shape of a light bulb and the light shines in all directions." 

The NanoLight team met over eight years ago while working on a solar car project at the University of Toronto.

In 2010, they reunited with the hopes to apply their knowledge to help solve some of the world's energy problems. 

"Imagine all of the people in the world, and almost everyone uses a light bulb at least in some point of the day. If we could reduce the amount of energy used by each light by even a few watts, that could make a huge impact on our planet," says Chu.

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