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SPECIAL: The Weather Network goes green for a week

For the first time, The Weather Network dedicates a week to important environmental topics
For the first time, The Weather Network dedicates a week to important environmental topics

Staff writers

March 22, 2013 — Earth Action Week is a dedication to environmental topics exclusively on The Weather Network. We examine the factors that make climate change so dire to Canadians, get inspired by people and businesses who promote green practices, and discuss the best ways to take action for the planet.

What concerns YOU about the environment?
What concerns YOU about the environment?

Due to our extended Storm Watch coverage across parts of the country this week, some areas have not seen any of the Earth Action Week content on TV. You can find all of the special programming and reports here on our website at

It's a first for The Weather Network, but with so many facets to the environment, climate change and global warming, Earth Action Week will help explore a multitude of angles and hopefully inspire people to take action. 

"In preparation for Earth Action Week, we’ve worked with a number of experts and environmentalists who devote their lives to fighting climate change," says Weather Network Feature Producer Libby Sallaway. "Their knowledge and passion for the environment is truly inspiring...The health of the planet is worth fighting for and every one of us has a role in making change." 

According to News and Information Manager Sheryl Plouffe, people can expect to see a variety of compelling stories throughout Earth Action Week. 

"The stories range from a family that fills only one garbage bag per year, to a company that pays its employees to bike to work. We also look at how coastal erosion is impacting our shorelines and we even take you to the Oil Sands Discovery Centre in Fort McMurray, Alberta and talk about the pros and cons of oil sands," says Plouffe. 

You can also look forward to seeing some of your favourite Weather Network presenters dressing in scuba and superhero gear on TV if their conservation challenges are met. 

"So we're going to have a bit of fun as well," adds Plouffe. "It's not all doom and gloom." 

Special Earth Action themes and content to look forward to:

  • Climate Change- CAUSE & EFFECT 
    We examine how climate change has become the most pressing issue of our time. By exploring environmental issues of increasing concern to Canadians, this theme inspires action for change and outlines how each one of us can make a difference. 
  • Climate Change-WEATHER
    Here we break down the relationship between climate change and the increase in extreme weather and monster storms. Climate change experts, meteorologists, and storm chasers give their take on the future of the planet.
  • Climate Change- ENVIRONMENT 
    A focus on ways climate change affects Canada’s landscape, animals, and natural resources. The threat of rising oceans, melting icecaps, and disappearing habitats are addressed. 
    Time to get everyone pumped for the World Wildlife Fund's Earth Hour celebration. The creators of Earth Hour describe how their simple idea exploded into a powerful worldwide phenomenon in a few short years. Dramatic images of world famous landmarks going dark for Earth Hour punctuate coverage of past Earth Hours in Canada and across the globe.
  • Climate Change- SOLUTIONS 
    Climate change and solutions spotlights the best ways to address and avert the current environmental crisis. We examine alternate energy solutions, feature people working to affect widespread change and explain how small behavioural changes add up to big gains. 
    Hosted by Chris St. Clair, a panel of experts comes together to discuss some of Canada’s most controversial issues. Topics include the effect of climate change on the increase of extreme weather, the future of fossil fuels, and whether the potential economic benefits of new fuel extraction methods are worth the cost to public health and the environment.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter for Earth action-related discussions, and let us know your thoughts using #TWNEarthWeek.

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