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Weather Apps & Services: Interactive TV (iTV)

What is Connected TV?
The Weather Network Connected TV App – Your Source for Current Weather.

The Weather Network Connected TV app provides you with on-demand access to the weather information you need with a click of your TV remote. Within the app, you will have access to the key weather data you’ve come to trust such as current conditions, hourly forecasts, and 14 day forecasts. Plus, view radar maps for your area to track upcoming storms. The app is your daily source of weather information to help you plan your day.

Active Alerts Keep You Ready for Anything.

Is there a major snowstorm heading your way? With The Weather Network Connected TV App, you’ll know. Active alerts/warnings will appear prominently in the Connected TV app for your selected location and provide quick access to all the details. Visit the app regularly so you are never caught uninformed again.

Stay Informed
Get Our Global Force of Nature Series.

From tornados to hurricanes to flooding and more, our Force of Nature video series brings images of the latest active weather right to your living room. Every day new videos will be available in the Connected TV app to keep you in the know on major weather events from around the globe.

Keep Track of Weather Conditions
Keep Track of Weather Conditions for all Your Favourite Places.

Need to know what the weather will be like at the office today? Finding out is easy with the Connected TV app. Store up to 10 locations so you can readily access conditions for your favourite locations. And with our PointCastTM technology built in, you will receive weather information for as close as 1 kilometre away. The information you need to plan your day is available with a click of your TV remote.

Download the App
Download the Connected TV App Today.

Ready to get started? Our Connected TV app is available on select models from the TV manufacturer. Click on the one for your TV to find out more about downloading the app today.


  • Current weather conditions
  • 24 hour, 14 day and hourly forecasts
  • Weather warnings and alerts
  • Ski conditions
  • Maps
  • User submitted photos
  • Videos

Special features

  • Personalization: Add and track up to 10 different locations from around the world
  • Select from 3 different languages: English, French and Spanish
  • Change your units of measurement
  • Leave feedback
  • Answer a poll question

TV requirements:

The Weather Network Connected TV App is available to all viewers who have a 2011, 2012 or 2013 Smart TV/Blu-ray player from Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Google TV, Opera TV (select Sony devices), and NetTV (Phillips and select Sharp devices).

Instructions on how to access the app will vary depending on which TV or Blu-ray player you are using.

Click below to learn more:

*Plus other devices coming soon

Take your weather with you, no matter where you go.

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  • RSS & Data
Add weather updates to your website or RSS reader.